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Parent Partnership Somerset, now have a forum where you can write posts about education topics and have the opportunity for someone from County Hall, Education Department to read what you have said and potentially respond.

The topics for Spring 2010 are as follows:

Mike Turner, SEN Strategic Manager in the Local Authority will be co-ordinating responses to the forum posts from parents and carers.
“There are four key objectives, which the Local Authority expect to achieve through this project. It will enable parents to:

* celebrate effective SEN practice in schools/early years settings provision;
* ensure that this effective practice is more widely shared;
* identify areas where we need to work together to improve practice; and
* provide an opportunity to contribute to policy development by the Local Authority.”
Mike Turner, SEN Strategic Manager.

Topic 1 – Support for literacy difficulties (including dyslexia)

Tell us what your school is doing to identify and support children with literacy difficulties (including dyslexia).
What has been suggested as a way of working with your child at home to support what is happening in school?

Topic 2 – Transition (the process of moving from one school to another)
Responses on 14+ transition to adulthood (up to 25) would be encouraged.

Tell us what makes the transition process successful for children with SEN?
What would help to make it even better for transferring pupils and for you, as their parents or carers?

The forum can be found at www.somersetparentpartnership.org.uk/channel/index/id/1270

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